Make Your Food Biz Look BIG by The Condiment Marketing Co.

Sara Lancaster
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In this comprehensive ebook produced by The Condiment Marketing Co., we share a step-by-step look at how to market your food business from concept stage through growth stage using marketing tactics and public relations. 

This is NOT an exhaustive marketing tutorial or a how-to-run-a-food-business. Instead, Make Your Food Biz Look BIG is a detailed description of how to elevate your brand on the web so that it looks like an established, professional company deserving of online sales and new retail partnerships. 

What you'll find in these pages is a description of what The Condiment Marketing Co. does for its clients. We understand that not all food companies are ready to hire a marketing agency, and that's exactly why we produced this book. We hope that the tips and insights, examples, checklists, templates, and exercises are helpful in the growth of your business. 

Make Your Food Biz Look BIG, A Guide for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Market Like the Pros is a downloadable, full-color PDF that totals 56 pages. It is easy to print and view from your computer or mobile device. Get your copy today here on Gumroad!


Begin By Looking Big

Food Business Lifecycle: What Stage Are You in Now?

Marketing Prep in Concept Stage

Get to Work in the Development Stage

Marketing Balance in the Soft Launch Stage

Sell in the Official Launch Stage

Build a BIGGER Business in the Growth Stage

About The Condiment Marketing Co.

Glossary and Resource Links

Checklists, Examples, and Templates

Click these links for excerpts from the ebook!

Book reviews

"The book is must-have reading for hot sauce makers. It can mean the difference between life and death for their business. I have two spicy product lines I'm starting later this year and will be using its info extensively. --Mark Masker, Burn Blog

"What a great book for small food companies to reference! I recommend it to all of my food and drink clients." --Amy Goldsmith, AEG Design Co.

"A lot of food business owner's struggle with marketing because they're focused on producing a quality product. Sara's guide to making your food business look big is easily the best resource I've seen to branding your small - or big - food business. Plus, the resource pages provide a great way for you to think through your marketing." --Michael Adams, Founder of

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Make Your Food Biz Look BIG by The Condiment Marketing Co.

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